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Job Summary

This job entails being a self-employed professional specialising in asset finance. Responsibilities include liaising with clients to understand their financial needs, offering customised asset finance solutions, and facilitating deals to acquire essential assets, such as equipment, machinery, or vehicles. As a self-employed broker, the role involves building client relationships, and fostering partnerships with vendors to deliver tailored financing options that support clients' business growth and financial objectives.

Your Contract

You will be working under a contract for services which is a legally binding agreement between a Broker and a Principle Firm. 


It outlines the terms and conditions of the service being provided, including the scope of work, the duration or timeline for the services, payment terms, responsibilities of each party, any specific deliverables, and other relevant details. It sets clear expectations for both parties and serves as a framework to govern the service relationship.

Industry Leading Commission Splits

Lease Finance Limited (LFL) offers Self Employed Brokers an 85%/15% commission split, favouring the Broker.


This arrangement denotes that 85% of the generated commission goes directly to the Broker, while the remaining 15% is retained by LFL. This split reflects LFL's commitment to incentivise and reward Brokerss for their efforts in securing financing deals.


By offering a higher percentage of the commission to the Brokers, LFL aims to attract top-tier talent, encourage performance, and foster a mutually beneficial relationship where brokers are motivated to excel in their roles.

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Customised CRM System

A tailored Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is designed specifically for Lease Finance Limited (LFL) Brokerss, allowing for comprehensive client management, deal tracking, and communication. This CRM system is customised to meet the unique needs of asset finance brokers, facilitating streamlined interactions, organised client data, and efficient workflows.

Streamlined Proposal System

LFL offers a sophisticated proposal system that simplifies and enhances the creation and management of finance proposals. Brokers have access to tools within this system that enable the customisation of proposals according to client requirements, facilitating quicker and more effective proposal generation and tracking.

Direct Access To Lenders

Brokers working with LFL have direct access to a network of reputable lenders. This direct access streamlines the financing process, allowing Brokers to swiftly connect their clients with suitable lenders, ensuring efficient deal closures and increased client satisfaction.

Marketing Support

LFL provides extensive marketing support to its Brokers, including personalised monthly emails to customers and leads. Additionally, Brokers receive social media support, leveraging various platforms to enhance visibility, reach a wider audience, and establish credibility within the industry.

Professional Email & Stationery

Brokers are equipped with personalised professional email addresses and stationery branded with LFL's identity. This lends a professional touch to communication, reinforcing the broker's association with a trusted and established name in the industry.

Credit Checking Software Subscription

Access to credit checking software enables Brokers to conduct thorough credit assessments efficiently. This tool is vital in evaluating client creditworthiness, ensuring prudent lending decisions, and offering tailored financial solutions.

Back Office & Compliance Support

LFL provides comprehensive back-office support, aiding Brokers in administrative tasks, documentation, and compliance management. This support ensures adherence to regulatory standards, minimising risks and enabling Brokers to focus on client interactions and deal closures.

Use of LFL Name - Known for over 30 years!

Brokers associated with LFL benefit from the company's established reputation, built over three decades. Leveraging the recognisable LFL name instils confidence in clients and strengthens the AR's credibility in the market, facilitating easier client engagement and trust-building.

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