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Elevate cash flow and seize opportunities with invoice financing solutions from Lease Finance Limited

We are your trusted partner in optimising cash flow and unlocking the potential of your business through tailored invoice financing solutions. Our specialised offerings empower businesses to convert outstanding invoices into immediate working capital, enabling growth, expansion, and financial stability.

Understanding invoice financing: Fueling business momentum

Invoice financing, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a strategic financial arrangement that allows businesses to leverage their unpaid invoices as a valuable asset. Rather than waiting for customers to settle their invoices, you can access a significant portion of the invoice’s value upfront, ensuring a steady flow of funds to support your business operations.

Why choose Lease Finance Limited for invoice financing?

Immediate cash injection

Invoice financing provides a swift injection of cash into your business, reducing the wait time for customer payments and ensuring you have the funds to seize growth opportunities

Flexible terms

Whether you need a short-term boost or a more extended financing arrangement, our flexible terms cater to your specific needs.

Transparent process

Our straightforward and transparent application process ensures you have a clear understanding of the terms and fees associated with your invoice financing solution.

Enhanced cash flow

By unlocking the value of your outstanding invoices, you can improve cash flow, cover operational expenses, and invest in initiatives that drive your business forward.

Our invoice financing process: Turning receivables into resources


We begin by understanding your business’s cash flow needs and outstanding invoices, tailoring our solutions to fit your unique situation.

Invoice submission

Provide the details of your unpaid invoices, and our team will assess their eligibility for financing.

Funding approval

Upon approval, a significant portion of the invoice’s value is advanced to your business, providing immediate access to much-needed capital.

Customer payment

When your customers settle their invoices, the remaining balance (minus fees) is released to you, completing the financing cycle.

Contact us: Harness the power of invoice financing

Ready to take control of your cash flow and accelerate your business growth? Connect with Lease Finance Limited today to explore how our invoice financing solutions can provide your business with the liquidity it needs. Experience the transformative benefits of turning your outstanding invoices into valuable resources for success. Your journey to financial empowerment begins here.


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